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Vinyl cladding is more fitting with contemporary home designs, so if you’re hoping to finish off your home with a modern exterior, vinyl cladding is the way to go. PVC can look much sleeker and more modern than timber, which is usually preferred by those looking for a more traditional finish.【Get Price】

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The vinyl cladding itself expands and contracts as temperatures change. This can lead to cracks in the cladding where water can get into your home. Vinyl cladding has a thin surface which can easily be damaged and it has a polystyrene backing which can lead to a condensation build-up in your home.【Get Price】

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Brick or weatherboard? Choosing the cladding for your new home is more than deciding what looks best… It’s about the type of home you are building, the cost of the different types of cladding and the location of the house. Let us help you solve the battle of the【Get Price】

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Vinyl weatherboard cladding has been used to cover weatherboard and fibro (asbestos) houses since the start of the 1970’s. Most of the vinyl weatherboard cladding is imported from countries like the USA, Canada or China and is not built specifically for the harsh Sydney climate.【Get Price】

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External cladding using vinyl weatherboards is the exterior your house needs. It’s a great solution, in fact, for all types of cladded building. Get a cost-effective alternative to traditional timber, brick or fibre cement. Our vinyl cladding products enclose your home in a ...【Get Price】

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The vinyl cladding will not peel, rot, dent, split or crack, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and is integrated with CFC-free solid foam insulation. Duratuff Select can be installed on a ...【Get Price】

Choosing the Best Exterior Cladding - Pros, Cons, and Costs Search results with this icon guide you to greener, more sustainable choices. Learn more Feedback Wood, Metal, Vinyl, Brick - what's the best way to finish the exterior of your home? A look at the pros and cons of each option Choosing the Best Exterior Cladding - Pros, Cons, and Costs【Get Price】

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Discover the benefits of insulated uPVC (Vinyl) cladding & weatherboard - Contact us today: 0800 648 836 Our cladding offers a 50-year warranty, BRANZ appraised, superior quality, range of colours and profiles.【Get Price】

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Exterior cladding options Average cost Vinyl cladding $30 to $100 per m2 + installation Aluminium cladding $20 to $40 per m2 + installation Weatherboard cladding $18 to $30 per board (4.2m long X 230mm wide) + installation Timber cladding $3.5 to $8.5 per【Get Price】

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