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Float vs. backer board for tile shower | Hunter Tile and Stone

Many customers are surprised by the fact that we choose to float our shower installs rather than use cement board (backer board). There are many reasons for a floated surface, but the two most important are leveling the surface and moisture control. Not all walls ...【Get Price】

Best Types of Tile Backer Board for the Shower

When installing tile in a shower, it's important to use the right type of backer material. Learn about the best standard materials and applications. Cement Board and a Sheet Membrane Cement board is installed directly on the studs with no plastic sheeting behind it.【Get Price】

Tile Backer Board Breakdown which one is best for showers | DIYTileGuy

Cement board with Kerdi membrane will be used for the shower walls all the way up above the shower head. We are using a Kerdi shower pan with a dry pack mortar extension, of course covered and finished with Kerdi membrane as well.【Get Price】

Installing Wonderboard Cement backer board to shower walls for beginners and diy home owners - YouTube

In this short video you'll learn how to install half inch cement WonderBoard tile backer board to your shower walls prior to installing shower tile. Wonderbo...【Get Price】

Can I just use cement board and paint, no tile? - Houzz

1960's home. 2nd bath needs an overhaul: floor and showerstall. the floor is rotting and needs to be replaced. after that, what i'd like to do for the shower is rip out the old ugly shower panels, drywall, and floor pan. then put in wall seal, and cement board. Do I really【Get Price】

Kerdi Shower Pan and Cement Board Walls | DIY Home Improvement Forum

The walls are cement board and I purchased a few gallons of Redguard for waterproofing them. My question is this: Do I finish installing and waterproofing the pan or the wall first. THere is no lip on the Kerdi shower pan to accept the backer boards.【Get Price】

What Is the Minimum Thickness of Cement Board When Tiling Walls? | Home Guides | SF Gate

Walls require 1/2-inch cement boards to keep a tile job from cracking and to prevent water damage to the tile and grout. The thicker cement board is unaffected by water and also helps protect the ...【Get Price】

7 Alternatives to Tile in the Shower - Home Stratosphere

Tile is the most popular material for shower walls. However, it’s not the only option. There are several alternatives to tile in the shower. This article sets out 7 viable options other than tile for your shower. We set out detailed pros and cons of each option below.【Get Price】

tiling - 1/4" Hardibacker cement fiber board for shower walls - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

1/4" Hardibacker cement fiber board for shower walls Ask Question Asked 1 year, 8 months ago Active 3 months ago Viewed 2k times 0 I'm preparing to lay tile in my new bathroom and I picked up the cement board but when I got home I realized I ...【Get Price】

How To Tile A Shower: Tiling a Shower Like a Pro! | Pro Tool Reviews

How to Tile a Shower: Just the Pro Tips For a bathroom remodel, matching the existing tile can save you having to demo all of it and some material cost. Showers can be dark – get an LED level like an UltraView from Empire Level. Using a pre-fab shower pan can【Get Price】

Whats the Best Backer Board for Tile? What type is Right?

Installing a shower tile backer board is one of the popular choices for a wall substrate. Let's read which of the type is best for you. 4.Go Board `GoBoard 1/2″ x 3′ x 5′ weighs only 7.5lbs and is easy to handle It can be ...【Get Price】

8 Important Tips to Make Tiling a Shower Easier

Preparation is an important part of laying tiling for a shower floor or shower walls. Of course, you’ll first want to remove the old tile. Then, place a cement backer board as a foundation to install your shower tiles. During this step, check to ensure the cement【Get Price】

Best Mortar For Shower Walls – Touring Tiles

3 What size trowel for shower walls? 4 Choose a Tile Trowel; After a shower has been framed and the cement backer board has been nailed to the framing timbers to create a wall, it is ready to be tiled. Mortar, such as thinset mortar, is used to adhere the tiles to ...【Get Price】

Green-board vs. Cement board for shower walls -- What does the code say? | DIY Home Improvement Forum

I am re-doing a shower, removing old tiles and walls and installing all new walls and tiles. I have been watching many videos online, some posted by professionals, and yet, I can't figure out what is the "code-approved" and proper way of doing this. My questions are: 1- Greenboard vs, cement...【Get Price】

1/4'' vs. 1/2'' cement board for shower walls

I know 1/2" cement board is the spec for shower walls due to the deflection of 1/4" Hardibacker. Would it be okay to use 1/4" if we put extra 2x4s in the wall? If so, how close would they need to be? The reason I ask is that we've got 8 sheets left from our last【Get Price】

waterproofing - Can you tile on finished plaster wall in a shower? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

I'd assumed he would cut out the wall and put in cement board or something. It appeared that he did no waterproofing before adhering the tiles. Is this ok? Is it ok to install tile directly on plaster walls in a shower? He also cut a hole into the wall to build a box for ...【Get Price】

How to Install a Hardie Board in a Shower | eHow

Hardie board, which is often referred to as Hardiebacker or backerboard, is a thin cement-reinforced sheet used as the underlayment for stone or ceramic tile. Hardie board is lightweight, easy to cut to size, and its abrasive surface bonds well with all tile adhesives.【Get Price】

No More Ply Tile Backer Board - Tiling Supplies Direct

No More Ply Tile Backer Board is a cement fibre board for overlaying timber floor prior to tiling, or fixing to stud wall partitions. It provides a far superior alternative to traditional plywood boards. No More Ply is available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm thicknesses.【Get Price】

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