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Caulking between clapboards or siding outside the home

Aside... many people do not know this, but siding, shakes and clapboards should be pre-sealed on both sides prior to installation (or at least the inside), unless this is done at the factory. Once installed, it is impossible to seal the inside but it can nevertheless be victim to moisture and rot! NH.【Get Price】

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I will be painting my house this summer. I’ve examined the clapboards, and the majority are tight, but a few have some gaps where the upper and lower clapboards overlap. Should I caulk these areas, or are they needed for “breathing”? Thank you【Get Price】

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I notice that whoever painted last time sealed up the horizontal spaces between the clapboards. There is either a ton of paint in there or maybe paint on top of caulk. In many places, that gunk is ...【Get Price】

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Also, for caulking the scarf joints where clapboards meet. I’ve seen recommendations for caulking the joint after the claps are installed and I have seen recommendations for ‘bedding’ the clapboard into a bead of caulk placed along the inside back corner of the trim. Finally, I have seen recommendations for no caulk at all.【Get Price】

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We do not caulk under clap boards where they over lap each other, but we do caulk where all trim meets siding, as needed, windows/doors etc and at the but joints if they have larger gaps. I've seen first hand, especially on older homes that have been sealed up/everything has been caulked by previous painters and eventually the paint fails a lot sooner then it should, along with other issues.【Get Price】

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It seems that general practice is for the intersection of horizontal clapboards and corner boards to be caulked…a bead of caulk over this intersection after siding installation. But I’ve also seen advice about not doing this because the caulk can/will fail and trap【Get Price】

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Yes it needs caulk or no it doesn't it needs to be able to breathe and move. The places I am wondering about caulking is where the clapboard meets the corner board. Some have bigger gaps then others, and I would need a caulk that can be stained.【Get Price】

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I don't think your friend's suggestion is bad, but I'd still want to be sure the caulk extended all the way to the exposed surface of the siding. Better not to let water get into the crack at all than to let it get in and stuck between siding and trim but blocked from penetrating further by caulk.【Get Price】

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For caulk to work well, the end grain of the clapboards should be painted, to prevent absorption of the caulk solvent. Moreover, a bond breaker (backer rod) should be installed in the gap against the sheathing to avoid three-sided adhesion.【Get Price】

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There should be a rain screen between the tyvex, and the siding, that allows air flow, and expansion/retraction. ... I never caulk the bottom of the clapboards. It'll only cause problems further on down the road. I do caulk the sides where they butt up against the · ...【Get Price】

How do you caulk exterior?

Caulk all the joints between trim and wall surfaces to prevent penetration of moisture vapor into walls. Should you caulk between baseboard and floor? Caulk is useful for sealing small, thin gaps between baseboards and the floor or wall.【Get Price】

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Don't caulk the undersides of window trim, door trim, or siding such as clapboards. If there is moisture trapped in the structure this gives it a way out. Caulking around toilet base but leave a small, visible opening to you can see a water leak …【Get Price】

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At one point it looks like the clapboards may have extended behind the chimney for an inch or so. Either way, there's at least a half inch space between chimney edge and wood siding. It looks as though the space has been filled with mortar/cement in the past, but much of this has fallen out.【Get Price】

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Plan on making two or three passes at each void where the siding and the corner boards meet. The caulk will shrink some. Making more than one pass will minimize the craters. Finally, plan to get ...【Get Price】

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A: Answer If the old caulk is cracking or pulling away from the surface, dig it out and replace it. Prime the bare wood then re-caulk. Any butt joint in siding or other joints between two pieces of wood should be caulked. You DO NOT want to caulk the lap joints of【Get Price】


8. A single tube of Trim Welder should bond five butt joints. 9. Pull butted clapboards away from the wall. 10. Insert the cemented UBP behind the joint centered between the clapboards (See Fig. 3). 11. Apply pressure for at least one minute to the butt【Get Price】

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The first thing to know about both caulk and wood filler: they are magical things. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but seriously, they can turn something ugly and amateur-looking into something smooth and gorgeous. Earlier this year, when I installed DIY board and batten in our bathroom, both caulk and wood filler helped make the whole project look amazingly professional.【Get Price】

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Re: Best caulk/sealant for wood to PVC trim joints I'm partial to polyurethane but hear good things about OSI Quad and Big Stretch. Seven Trust moves a LOT. If you can, cut it long, nail or even screw the crap out of the ends, and push in the middle. Best of luck.【Get Price】

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