how to get rid of die lines from die swell pvc

Polymer Melts and Elastic Effects - AZoM

15 Feb 2017 ... Download PDF Copy; View Supplier Profile; Request Quote ... The molecules tend to get straightened out (oriented) because of such shearing. ... The extrudate may swell when polymer melt emerges from a die so that the ... Due to frozen-in orientation, plastic products display anisotropic behavior, their...【Get Price】

Stop Die Buildup | Plastics Technology

1 Jan 2009 ... Processors typically expend time and labor to remove die buildup because they ... Simple die shapes allow for cleaning while the line is running. ... Resins with high die swell sometimes have high rates of die buildup. ... above the original surface; it often includes material transfer, or plastic flow, or both.”.【Get Price】

Rheological characterization of the die swell phenomenon of ...

The die swell of viscoelastic rubber compounds depends on the geometry of the capillary dies, ... molecular structure and extrusion process on the die swell can be identified. ... The research work is jointly carried out in co-operation with Semperit ... This model approximates experimental data by a straight line on a double...【Get Price】

Die swell - Wikipedia

(May 2015) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). Die swell, also known as extrudate swell or Barus effect, is a common phenomenon in polymer...【Get Price】

Historical review of die drool phenomenon during ... - CORE

Since die drool appears, extrusion process must be shut down and die exit must be manually ... phenomena like neck-in, draw resonance, die swell, shark skin, slip-stick, melt fracture, etc. ... surface energies of the die-wall material and the polymer melt. plastic covering ... sticky polymer plating-out on film lines.” Following...【Get Price】

Practical interpretation of laboratory die swell behavior of PVC ...

obtainable through selected round dies can then be routinely scanned by optical or laser type devices to ... rigid PVC pipe compound, good agreement in actual die swell measurements through both ... Volumetric out-put rates, residence times, and the ... on the same line within a narrow experimental range. The point to be...【Get Price】

Die Drool in Chemically Cross-linkable Polyolefin Compounds ...

removal of the accumulating material by the operator of the line. ... extrudate swells so severely that molten polymer scrapes against and adheres to the ... known that cooling of the die helps reduce or even eliminate die buildup in ... However, a simple arrangement was constructed in which plastic tubing connected to an in-.【Get Price】

The Die and Post Extrusion Equipment - Dynisco

The viscoelastic nature of molten plastic means that it can “remember” how ... die swell behavior. ... in the die can be determined by experiment or by calculation. ... by contamination or degraded melt, which leads to the formation of die lines, can ... means the die does not need to be re-machined to remove deformation.【Get Price】

The Dynisco Extrusion Processors Handbook

by far the largest group of plastic materials extruded; approximately 65% of all ... for example in devolatilizing extruders or machines used to carry out chemical ... An extrusion line contains dangerous machinery that must be guarded appro- ... When polymer melt emerges from a die the extrudate may swell, so that its.【Get Price】

Techniques to Prevent/Minimize Die Lines - Paper, Film & Foil ...

29 Apr 2010 ... The best way to get rid of die lines is to never have them in the first place ... in the die land area, i.e., the area just before the plastic exits the die.【Get Price】

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